Lift & Lesson - Choose Your Level



Level 1 Skier



For those who have never skied before, this lesson teaches you the basics.

Learn how to     * Put your skis on     * Stop     * Snowplough     * Ride the Chairlift

Level 1 Boarder



For those who have never boarded before, this lesson teaches you the basics.

Learn how to     * Heel slide & tow slide     * Ride the Chairlift     * Falling Leaf on both edges

Level 2 Skier



You have skied before and know how to stop, ride the Chairlift and snowplough.

Learn how to     * Snowplough turn     * Basic Christie turn     * Consolidate stopping     * Ride the T-Bar

Level 2 Boarder



You ride the Chairlift and do falling leaf on both edges.

Learn how to     * Consolidate falling leaf     * J-turn     * Introduce steeper terrain

Level 3 Skier



You can ride the T-Bar, begin a turn in snowplough and end in parallel.

Learn how to     * Consolidate Christie turns     * Parallel Turn     * Introduce more speed     * Eliminate snowploughing

Level 3 Boarder



You can basic J-turn, ride green runs confidently and ride the T-Bar.

Learn how to     * Refine J-turns     * Link turns     *  Link on steeper terrain


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